3 Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas To Help Boost Your Online Presence


Think it’s too late to do some holiday marketing for your brand? Not really! It may be just a couple of days before Christmas, but it’s never too late to get into the holiday spirit and spread good cheer to your audience. See our three last-minute holiday marketing ideas below:

1. Send a personalized email.

Take the time to write an email to each person in your contact list. It’s a nice way of showing your contacts that they are in your thoughts especially in this most wonderful time of the year. A simple greeting with a photo can be enough to warm their hearts.

2. Run a contest.

Want to boost engagement on social media this holiday season? A contest will help you do this. You could ask your fans to submit a photo of their holiday decorations, or you could do a photo-guessing contest. Choose a campaign that resonates well with your brand. Also, set a really awesome prize to encourage everyone to participate such as a trip to Paris or a drool-worthy gadget.

3. Go mobile.

If you haven’t optimized your site for mobile users yet, NOW is the perfect time to do so. A lot of your followers will be using their smart devices on-the-go as they travel to their hometowns or spend a holiday vacation in other countries. Make sure your website can be easily navigated when accessed through mobile phones and tablet computers. If you want, you can also create an app which your followers can download. A strong mobile presence can help you get in touch with existing clients and prospective customers in this busy time. It makes things a whole lot easier for you too, as you may also go on a holiday getaway with your family.

There you go. Now that you have a couple more tips in the bag, it’s time to apply them! Oh and one more thing –  don’t forget to have some fun. Happy holidays!

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