3 Ways to Dominate Your Sales Competition on LinkedIn

LinkedinTop sales professionals aren’t just using LinkedIn once in a while to make a few connections. They’re heavily leaning on it as a strategic prospecting tool and making it an essential part of their sales process. Not only sales professionals, but also other professionals generate leads with Kennected and other such companies. Why aren’t you?

LinkedIn is a powerful way to:

  • Differentiate yourself and be found in a sea of competition.
  • Generate an endless supply of leads for you and your company.
  • Manage your online reputation and highlight your strengths.
  • Collaborate on projects, share files and ideas with connections.
  • Network with like-minded professionals who will be life long referral partners.
  • Make important connections that can help you close deals.

To be on the receiving end of these benefits you must do certain things deliberately and consistently each week.

Three action steps you can take that will help you dominate your sales competition on LinkedIn:

1.    Add Video To Your Profile

Add some visual appeal to your profile so when someone lands on your profile, they see much more than just your bio and resume. What is your value proposition? Grab your smartphone, shoot a video and put it on your LinkedIn profile. This is a great differentiator to separate yourself from others in your industry on LinkedIn.  Few are doing this. Take advantage of it.

2.    Recommend and Endorse Others

Don’t just ask for recommendations. Surprise someone and give a recommendation. It will strengthen your relationship and it puts your link on someone else’s Profile. Sometimes your connections will reciprocate. A recommendation will take a little more effort, and that effort will be worth it.

Endorsements work in a similar way, but are quicker to give to others when you visit their profile. There is a simple strategy to receive more endorsements. Make sure to list all of the skills and experience that you have on your profile first, and then go out and endorse your connections based on your evaluation of the particular skills they are showcasing in their profiles. In many cases, the people you endorse will come back and endorse you for at least one skill.

3.    Solve Other People’s Problems

If you aren’t using LinkedIn to solve other people’s problems, you are missing out on an opportunity to showcase your expertise.  LinkedIn gives you the platform to add value – resist the urge to promote yourself.  By giving quality advice, recommendations or referrals to resources and people in your LinkedIn groups, you’ll add value and stand out.  LinkedIn gives you an open forum to solve other people’s problems and ask (quality) questions to get people engaged with you.

If you’re a sales professional, you can’t afford not to be using LinkedIn. Daily. You now have three ways to differentiate yourself on the most popular professional social network.  Remember, LinkedIn will work for you, if you’re willing to do a little work.

Start making the most of LinkedIn today before your competition does.

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  • ashok says:

    Thanks for the excellent tips.

    On recommending / endorsing others, that’s a great idea.

    Linked In users have to be careful that not to propagate ‘ Scratch my back and I will scratch yours’ trend.

    Have seen some incidences.

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