5 Things You Should Never Do On Pinterest

perfecting pinterestStill trying to figure out how to use Pinterest for business?

The fact that Pinterest has 48.7 million users means that it has acquired massive growth since its launch in 2010. I am not surprised – the social network has been utterly charming ever since day one. Every person I know seems to enjoy using the site because it taps into its users’ creative side. Like any other social network, pinners must observe proper etiquette. Here are 5 things you should NEVER do on Pinterest.

1. Don’t forget to tell us the source of your pins.

If you are pinning a photo that is not yours, always make sure to link back to its original source. Indicate the website name or mention the name of the photographer. By doing so, you are giving credit to the source who owns the rights to the photo.

2. Don’t hesitate to report spammers.

Spammers are everywhere – even on Pinterest! These are the people who pin photos that mislead you to a different content or simply pin using broken links. When you come across a spammer, never hesitate to let the Pinterest team know. Social media is about building a community and it is everyone’s responsibility to keep it away from people who have negative intentions.

3. Don’t pin offensive issues.

People are different. While some may not get offended by other people’s opinions, others may find it hurtful and offensive. Avoid pinning images about sensitive topics.

4. Don’t pin images from Google.

Google does not own the images on its site. Take the time to go to the main source or website and pin the photo from there.

5. Don’t leave the description field blank.

Put a caption and tell us what the image is about and where it came from. Think of it as an opportunity to engage with other pinners. Writing a description using your keywords or key phrases gives your pins a greater chance to be found by search engines.

Pinterest is definitely hard to resist. People just can’t stop pinning. It’s really amazing how much time each person spends on pinning interesting images every day. As long as you keep these points in mind, you’re on your way to Pinterest success.

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