5 Tips To Increase Your Email Open Rate

emailopenrate2To determine the success of an email marketing campaign, you must consider several factors. One of those factors is the open rate which refers to the number of recipients who view or open the email that you have sent out. Getting your recipients to open your email is important because this gives you the opportunity to communicate your message. Your efforts in creating a relevant email will be wasted if people don’t open it. Here are some tips to increase your email open rate:

Keep an organic database.

Assess your subscriber database or contact list. Is it organic? When you have an organic contact list, your emails will most likely be opened because you are dealing with people who have signed up for your content. Subscribing to your emails or newsletters shows that they are interested in getting information from your company.

Get new people to sign up for your emails or newsletters.

Growing your subscriber database through new sign-ups makes a big impact on your email marketing efforts. When you have new subscribers, you are able to disseminate your message to more people. To encourage new people to sign up, offer some valuable content such as an eBook or an informative video.

Write a good subject line.

Subject lines determine whether your emails get opened or not. Interesting subject lines grab your readers’ attention which will lead them to open your email. Remember that no one can appreciate your content if your emails are not opened at all.

Send your email at the appropriate time. 

Determine the best time to send your email. Target markets have different needs.  Conducting some research and tests is highly recommended to figure out the best schedule for sending your email. When you send out your email at a time when your target market is online, there is a bigger chance for them to see your email and read it.

Have a good strategy.

Come up with a good strategy and implement it consistently. You have to identify your objectives and lay out a plan. Once you have rolled out your strategy, you also need to measure its efficiency. Measuring the results of your strategy will help you pinpoint which works and which area needs improvement.

Increasing your email open rate requires several experiments to distinguish which approach works best. By following these guidelines and by being passionate about your campaign, there is no doubt that you will see positive results.

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