6 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Pinning

pinterest4Okay, so you’ve determined from last Tuesday’s post that your business is more likely to achieve amazing growth on Pinterest. Before you start pinning, check out the tips below to make sure you get it right the first time.

Set goals.

Determine your reasons and objectives for joining Pinterest. What would you like to achieve out of this strategy? What are your expectations? If you work with a marketing team, it is important to discuss these points to get everyone on the same page.

Play by the rules.

Once you create an account, read the site’s terms and conditions. Make sure you comply with the policies and guidelines to avoid getting a bad reputation or getting banned from the site.

Build your business profile.

Feature your business name and logo on your profile. Write a short description about your company to give your followers an idea of who you are. Add a link to your website and verify it.

Interact with other pinners.

Take the time to build worthwhile connections with other Pinterest users. Like other people’s pins. Share your thoughts by making comments. People notice when you add a human touch to your Pinterest marketing. This makes you relatable and makes them want to follow you.

Come up with pin themes.

Get creative. Set up different daily or weekly themes to make pinning even more exciting. Themes also help in getting more repins from other users and in increasing the number of your website visitors.

Promote your company values.

Aside from promoting your products, create pin boards that talk about your company values. It’s nice to let people know that your business recognizes important things like honesty and excellence. For example, if you sell women’s clothes, you can tackle a board about confidence or inner beauty. Your followers will appreciate these topics because these are relevant to their daily lives.

What are your best practices in Pinterest marketing?

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