Content Marketing Resource: WPWebinar – An Innovative WordPress Webinar Plugin

WPWebinarWe’re always asked to recommend the latest and greatest content marketing and inbound marketing resources.

One of the most effective ways to build deeper connections with existing customers is through webinars. You may already have a blog, but connecting with prospects and your current customers online takes the relationship to the next level. You’ll also discover that your social media followers will often come from your webinars, if you’ve added value and put delivering great content ahead of promotion.

Every once in a while an innovative resource is released that’s worth recommending to others.

Created by internet marketer Armand Morin, WPWebinar* is the answer to the question, “Why not create a webinar software built upon WordPress with all the features of the most popular software at an affordable price?”

What if the software would work with most any WordPress theme? It does. This means you are not theme dependent. You can use any theme you want. If you change themes, it doesn’t effect your webinars.

It was ALSO created with several pre-built themes. So, if you don’t have a theme you can choose one of the built in themes.

It also works with any autresponder system.

Check out the videos by clicking below and decide for yourself if WPWebinar is the alternative you’ve been looking for to GotoMeeting/GotoWebinar, Webex, and others.

Content Marketing Resource: WPWebinar – An Innovative WordPress Webinar Plugin

wpwebinar 2

Click here to learn more about WP Webinar, and how it will help you grow your business with Webinars. 


*Please note, we are a compensated affiliate for the Armand Morin Network, and we take our recommendations seriously. We don’t recommend all products, but we do recommend WPWebinar.

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