How to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers

It’s a question we’re often asked; “How do I increase youtube subscribers?”

YouTube continues to be the dominant video-sharing platform and if you’re struggling to increase the number of users that are subscribed to your channel, this quick trick will help you.

This [see below] is what a typical YouTube channel or user page looks like when someone visits your YouTube channel. Notice the subscribe button is in the upper top right corner, almost hidden from the user and experience.

To compare, below is the exact same subscribe page, with one small difference. We’re sending visitors to this page using the following URL:

This small parameter at the end of your URL > ?sub_confirmation=1 < will show this popup to prompt your users to subscribe to your channel.

This particular strategy will only work on user pages or subscribe pages. Make sure you add it to any links on your website, when you mention your YouTube channel in emails or when you share on social media so your visitors are initially prompted with this subscription box. Most will just click subscribe.

It’s simple to implement and can 2X – 10X your subscriber count going forward if you’re sending traffic to your YouTube channel.

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