How to Use Google Hangouts in Your Business

How to use Google HangoutsWhat is a Google+ Hangout?

Google+ Hangouts is an easy to use advanced messaging and video chat system. It uses the typical messaging application format and combines it with some great features to make it a frontrunner in online communication.

Hangouts can be used for voice, video, chat, live broadcasts, and even web conferencing. You can use it from pretty much any mobile device you own. All you need is a camera (if you want to be seen) and a microphone (if you want to be heard). The rest is easy enough for even the least tech-savvy person to figure out.

Wondering how to use Google Hangouts in your business? Here are just three quick ideas: 

1. Broadcasting a live video via Hangouts Air offers a very personalized touch to client communication.

The spontaneous and unpolished attitude that comes across in Hangouts is something that is becoming more and more appreciated by clients. You can still edit your Hangout on Air video through YouTube’s editor or by downloading it, but it’s the live broadcast that gives the most personal touch.

2. Videos can be saved, reviewed and even edited at a later date.

Some companies may wish to broadcast to their clients/prospective customers, yet cannot meet everyone’s schedule. Hangouts allow you to create a video and capture it, inviting others to see it when they have the time.

3. Google Hangouts allow companies to keep in touch over long distances.

Both national and international meetings can be held, as well as allowing companies to make presentations to both employees and clients online.

For a complete walk-through through of the the basics of getting started with Hangouts and Hangouts on Air, take a look at our new resource guide: The Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air – Getting Started Guide

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How to Use Google Hangouts

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