How A Social Community Page Can Help Recover From Disaster

haiyan 3You have probably heard the news about the super typhoon Haiyan and how it has devastated thousands of people in the Philippines. Homes were shattered, lives have been taken and until now, survivors are still fighting to keep themselves from hunger and illnesses. To make it even worse, power outage and loss of mobile network coverage had made communication impossible.

In a state of calamity, communication is very essential. Rescue teams and relief operations execute faster and are more efficient when there are complete details about the entire situation. Relevant information can be gathered more quickly when there is an open communication between the affected town and the government. In the case of the Philippines, social community pages are a big help as far as communication is concerned.

Here are 4 ways a social community page can help recover from a natural disaster:

1. Donations and fundraising activities

A community page can be a powerful channel for donations and fundraising activities. People who take part in your community page can get information on how they can send their donations and extend their help.

2. Updates on hometown and loved ones

In cases wherein mobile networks and telecommunication satellites are down, people may rely heavily on a social community page for news about their hometown and family members. Regular posts will help tremendously in informing the public about updates and progress.

3. Missing family members

A social community page can be used to inform rescue teams and agencies about a missing family member. People can help disseminate the information faster by sharing to their respective networks and can be notified immediately when there are updates.

4. Relief efforts

A social community page can help gather a large number of volunteers to help perform relief operations. Getting more people involved means a better chance at fulfilling group objectives more quickly.

Below is a list of remarkable community pages that have grown and gathered thousands of support both from locals and international groups:

1. Bangon Bantayanons – a page initiated by a family whose objective is to help restore Bantayan Island. The island is known for its stunning beaches and rich marine sanctuary but was totally destroyed due to typhoon Haiyan.

2. Bangon Ormoc – a page created for Ormoc City, one of the affected areas of typhoon. The page has collected thousands of donations and have successfully distributed relief goods in the city. However, the page says there are still many areas that are yet to be visited.

3. Bangon Leyte – a relief and information campaign to help the victims of super typhoon Yolanda in Leyte. Leyte is a historical province located in the Eastern Visayas and is one of the areas that has been badly affected by Haiyan.

4. Tindog Tacloban – a page that aims to help rebuild Tacloban, a small city which has been severely hit by the typhoon. The page has successfully captured the cooperation it needed from supporters from different parts of the globe.

If you want to help out and donate, you may contact the organizers of the pages through a private message.

Once again, social media is proving its worth in the lives of many people. Not only is it a great tool in boosting brand influence and in developing startups – it is also an influential platform in rebuilding a ravaged nation.

Have you used a social community page to plea for help? Share your experience in the comments below!

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