The Social Salesperson’s Kick Start Guide to Using YouTube – 10 Tips

youtube-video-marketing (1)What is one of the fastest ways to differentiate yourself online? Video.

With such a massive audience, marketing with YouTube had proved successful for sales leaders across the globe.

Videos are dynamic, easy to understand and well liked by a broad variety of people. You can create content in many different formats, such as how-to, informative and entertaining videos.

YouTube enables you to open an excellent window of communication with your audience as video content can be incredibly engaging and much more interesting than static text.

Here are 10 Tips for YouTube Marketing to get you started: 

Tip #1: Keep your video short.

People generally have small attention spans and the percentage of viewers that are going to stick around for your big finale – and link information – after 10 minutes is pretty slim. Try and keep your information brief and too the point. Use an online video maker if the need be. Use your YouTube channel as a method of enticing viewers to view your other content, and give them more information when they get to that point.

Tip #2: Spread the word.

Having a consistent level of communication between your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts will do wonders for your flow of traffic. As soon as you’ve produced a new video, get it out there and let everyone in your network know about it. Your videos should be featured on your LinkedIn profile, Your Facebook page, and in your Twitter posts.

Tip #3: Focus on SEO.

You want it to be easy for your customer prospects to find you in YouTube and Google search. Add captions, tag your content, add a succinct description, think hard about your title and make sure your video file name is relevant, (best-air-filter-reviews as opposed to 10-10-13) … these are all great methods of making sure your content gets viewed.

Tip #4: Make it Mobile.

Don’t forget about your mobile audience. A growing number of people are using their phones to access YouTube and watch videos. Bear that in mind when you’re including text – it has to be easily viewable in a small screen.

Tip #5:  Be Unique.

Do something different. Never has ‘thinking outside of the box’ been so important. You’re up against a lot of competition and the more you stand out, the better. Use FCPX plugins to create innovative content that stands out.

Tip #6: Think about Audio.

You want to make sure your audience is engaged… but not overwhelmed. If you have spoken audio, it’s good to include intro and outro music to the video. YouTube has some fantastic options to choose from.

Tip #7: Prepare.

Prepare your videos. Use as better quality video and audio equipment as you can. Keep shaky camera movements to a minimum and plan the video before you shoot it – think about writing a script and practice first!

Tip #8: Link.

Make sure you take good advantage of the fact that someone is viewing your content – give them a link to the rest of your content and make it easily accessible.

Tip #9: Watermark your content.

Keep your information secure and not easily reproduced by others by adding a watermark to your video. Just make sure it’s not too overpowering to distract from your content.

Tip #10: Go beyond YouTube.

Once you’ve created your video content there are plenty of other video sharing sites online where you can post it and increase your audience.

So, what’s stopping you?

For many people, it’s just a matter of taking the first small steps to break through your hesitance and fear of what’s involved.

This is easy, cheap, effective marketing that can reap huge results for your sales efforts. People aren’t looking for glitzy, slick videos on YouTube. You can quickly put together a 3 minute screencast or “Top Tips” video and have it up on YouTube in minutes.

And you don’t need a professional video camera either. Your smartphone is your best marketing tool.

Just getting started?

ebook-youtube-2To help you further, I’ve created this FREE 43-page guide titled The Social Salesperson’s Kick Start Guide to YouTube, you’re going to go through each of the basic steps of getting started on YouTube……right from the first step of setting up an account. I want to make sure you learn how to upload one and do some basic editing. Editing that you can do inside of YouTube using their simple features – that most people are NOT using yet!

This will differentiate yourself from most sales professionals.

Plus…I’ll give you some great marketing tips as well. And the most important thing is how to show up in search results. It’s in the guide.

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