The 3 Biggest Social Media Mistakes Salespeople Make

social media mistakesIf you are making one or more of these social media mistakes, you aren’t alone. With so many changes and social media sites coming at you, it’s no wonder salespeople get confused about social media and how they should spend their time on it.

I’ve always had a passion for selling which is why when I tell you that buying likes at is a good investment, believe me; it’s true. As I have used their services a number of times for my channel, I can assure you that my business exposure and sales have skyrocketed.

Here I want to go over the top 3 mistakes salespeople make when it comes to using social media for sales.

1. Ignoring It

Ignoring it will leave you in the dust of your competitors who embrace it and are connecting with their prospects creatively online.

Solution: Jeffrey Gitomer has said it best, “Social Media is the new cold call.” I believe that’s a true statement. Which social media platforms are your potential customers spending time on? Where do those who may refer you to your customers hang out online? Is it LinkedIn? Facebook? Quora? How can you add value? What can you share that can make their business (or life) better?  Sharing is the new marketing. Get busy.

2. Too much tech, not enough touch

It’s called “social” media. Not high tech media. I’ve met some salespeople who are great online, terrific in social media but have no real social skills in person or over the phone. That is sad.

Solution: It’s true we live in a high tech world now, but high touch is as important as ever in sustaining long-term relationships with people. Social Media can’t do all the work for you. Hone your people skills. You’ll need them.

3. Lack of consistency

Social media takes time. Because of this, you must discipline yourself to be consistent.

Solution: Don’t just post on Facebook, add connections on LinkedIn or Blog once in a while when you “feel like it.” Add value each day in a way that connects with your core audience and keeps you in front of them. Over time, you’ll experience the true power of social media – relationship capital.

There are other mistakes you’re probably making as well, such as over-promoting you or your business, not personal branding yourself, not having a plan and not measuring your success.  We’ll save that for another day.

For now, focus on a value-first philosophy; avoid these mistakes, and your social media efforts will pay off for you over time.

How are you using social media for sales? What are your favorite tools? Please leave your comments below and be sure to download our guide as well.

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