What is Social Media Anyway? Maybe the simplest, cutest definition ever [VIDEO]

What is social media? Maybe the best definition could come from kids. They say the darndest things.

What is social media, anyway? from Lithium on Vimeo.

In this video, kids were asked “What is social media, anyway?” As cute and funny as they were, who expected they can be so right? Here are some of our favorite definitions and what each means for your business.

“It doesn’t cost any money.”

Social Media is the cheapest form of advertising – and the most effective at that! That is why a lot of brands are taking advantage of this cheap (or free!) advertising platform. Social media is easy to use, cost-effective and with it, you generally have little to lose and so much to gain!

“It’s an easy way to communicate”

Social MediaThis is a good reminder to social media marketers to never forget what social media is in the first place: it is a way to communicate. Keep conversation flowing and never forget that your objective is to communicate, not just to sell.

“A way for people to know what’s going on”

Most people search online first before going for a service or joining an event, or whenever they want to buy something. According to Forbes, Social search will soon become the main mechanism for finding products. That’s why it is very important for companies to put their brands out there and let people know they exist.

“Teenagers… I think email is too slow for them”

In today’s technology, email can indeed be a bit slow. People are no longer willing to check their emails every so often and wait for a few minutes for a message to arrive. Undoubtedly, the fastest way to seek and receive an information is by social media.

“Being social without being social”

If you think about it, how can one be social without being social? That’s where social media comes in. Often, we forget that social media IS social. All we do is broadcast our stuff and expect people to embrace our offers.

What marketers often fail to do is learn to be social- how to be friendly and welcoming and to give customers the feeling that someone listens to them and understands them. Don’t just push your products at them, be social and personal.

What does social media mean to YOU?


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