5 Reasons Why Businesses Must Befriend The Hashtag


A hashtag is the # symbol used to narrow down terms, topics and responses on social networks. Twitter, Youtube and Instagram are incorporating the hashtag in their platforms and recently, Facebook is reported to have joined the bandwagon.

Integrating hashtags in tweets or posts can be one of the most effective online strategies a business may use.


Hashtags make it easy for people to find you. Customers can easily filter your tweets and quickly identify topics that are related to your business. With this feature, discussions about your brand can be easily located.


Hashtags initiate conversations. Being visible on social networks is not enough to make a strong online presence. You have to interact and talk to people. Hashtags make it easy for people to approach you because they immediately know what your interests are.


Hashtags are a cool way to run marketing campaigns. People often share them especially when linked to company discounts or promos. They also make it easy to track a promotion’s activities.

Conversion rate

Hashtags allow potential customers to easily join in discussions about your company which may increase your conversion rate.


Hashtags help businesses build a community. People with the same interests can virtually hang out and share their thoughts with each other. Hashtag communities are avenues for people to show support for each other. Oftentimes, this virtual bond shows tangible effects in a company’s growth.

Do you use the hashtag? Do you think it is good for small businesses?


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